By-law Enforcement


Under the authority of the Ontario Municipal Act by-laws are created to address issues and concerns of the local community. They are created to protect the environment, public health, public safety, or to maintain an orderly appearance in your community and city. Some By-laws are available on the Township of Muskoka Lakes Website at under By-laws.


The Township of Muskoka Lakes currently employs one fulltime Fire Prevention/By-law Enforcement Officer as a shared duty.  Their role includes Education, Investigation and Enforcement of all By-laws within the Township, Parking Enforcement, Property Standards and Dog Catcher.


*After-hour calls are handled by an answering service, Call-takers will contact the appropriate staff if immediate actions is required.*

By-law Enforcement:

It is not necessary for a By-law officer to attend each site to carry out enforcement procedures, although he/she may to verify information.  Usually officers will rely on information provided by the complainant. A By-law infraction can filed two ways; Call the Township office or go to the Township website at and fill out a By-law complaint form submit and it will e-mail directly to the By-law Officer.  Once a complaint is received an investigation will be undertaken to determine if an offence has taken place.  The complainant will be notified of any proceedings if indicated on the complaint form.


The Township of Muskoka Lakes By-law Enforcement is a three pronged approach for example; A By-law officer cannot stop people from making noise, he/she can only enforce the by-law.   Compliance may be achieved by:

  1. Giving Verbal or written warnings and provide a copy of the Noise By-law 2005-83,
  2. Issuing a Part 1 ticket in accordance with the Provincial Offences Act. (short form wording and set fines),
  3. Summoning a defendant to court – Usually for a second or third offence when seeking larger fines and/or Court Orders.  Summons may also be used in the event a By-law does not have short form wording.
Public Nuisance:   If you notice people damaging or defacing public property, call the OPP 1-888-310-1122
Signs, Building and Zoning Complaints Call during Regular office hours, Office Hours, Monday-Friday 8:15am- 4pm.
Dogs:   Complaints about lost/stray dogs are handled during office hours.  If a dog demonstrates behavior that causes you to fear for your safety, a By-law Officer will be dispatched immediately. All dogs are taken to the OSPCA.
Parking: Complaints are usually handled during office hours. If a vehicle blocks a driveway at any time, phone the Township office and immediate action will be taken.


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