2018 Township Budget Highlights

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  • 2018 budget includes an operating levy increase of 4.83% and a capital levy increase of 5.00%. The total levy increase for 2018 will be 9.83%.
  • For every $100,000 in assessment, tax payers will pay $120.14; an increase of $6.85. This represents a 6.05% increase in the residential tax rate from the previous year.
  • The approved budget maintains current service levels.
  • The Township of Muskoka Lakes funding requirement continues to be the smallest portion of your total property tax bill (18%). The District Municipality of Muskoka (51%) and the School Boards (31%) retain the larger components of the total amount levied.

Why Are My Taxes Going Up?

  • Bill 148 wage requirements.
  • Grants – Muskoka Lakes Museum, Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce & South Muskoka Memorial Hospital.
  • Legal, auditing, consulting fees increase.
  • Planning – Scheduled OMB Hearing.
  • Cost of living & collective agreement adjustments.
  • Net burden cost increase of three new Full Time positions approved in 2016.
  • 5.00% dedicated capital levy to roads discretionary reserves.

Capital Expenditure & Reserve Fund Recommendations

  • The municipality’s 10 Year capital plan for each department from 2018 thru to 2027, equals $54,903,701 (this includes an average of 1.68% for inflation each year).
  • Staff and Council will continue to consider a 5.00% dedicated capital levy being added to the operating levy each year. This will increase discretionary reserve levels required in order to maintain Township infrastructure and service levels.
  • Even with the additional capital levy contribution, Township reserves are not available to fund all of the capital requirements. Beginning in 2020 and beyond reserve levels will be in a deficit position ($2,172,847). Sufficient funds have not been reserved to replace bridges, roads, aging buildings, and current technology requirements.

How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent?

  • Here is a breakdown of how 18% of every tax dollar that is retained by Muskoka Lakes to fund municipal operations is distributed to Township specific services:
Administrative 22%
Parks, Recreation, & Culture 25%
Planning & Development 6%
Protection & Emergency 12%
Transportation 35%
  • The tax bill for the Township of Muskoka Lakes will be $120.14/year per $100,000 current value assessment in 2018.
  • Here is a breakdown of how your 2018 tax dollars will be spent per $100,000 current value assessment:
Administrative $26.43
Parks, Recreation, & Culture $30.03
Planning & Development $07.21
Protection & Emergency $14.42
Transportation $42.05
Total $120.14

Property Tax Information

Property taxes are due twice per year. The first bill, the interim bill, is due in March and represents 50% of the previous years’ levied taxes. The final tax bill is due in August each year.

Your tax bill is your official receipt for income tax purposes.

If you have not received a bill or would like additional information please contact the Property Tax Department at  705-765-3156 or by email at propertytax@tomls.ca

Due Dates

  • March 29, 2018
  • August 31, 2018

For more property tax information, please click here.

Thursday, February 22, 2018
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