2017 Council Approved Budget

2017 Budget Highlights

2017 Council Approved Budget

Township of Muskoka Lakes 2017 Budget

MUSKOKA LAKES – On Friday, February 17, 2017 the Council of the Township of Muskoka Lakes approved the 2017 Operating and Capital Budgets.  The budget process included a two day review period by the Budget Committee. The Budget Committee included four citizen representatives and three Councilors. In addition to the Budget Committee there was an evening public meeting to receive community input and two Committee of the Whole meetings to discuss the budget, prior to final approval by Council. 

The 2017 budget has a net levy of $10,335,708.00, which represents a 7.96% increase over the prior year. The levy for the 2017 budget consists of an operating levy increase of 2.96% and a capital levy increase of 5%.

For every $100,000 in assessment, tax payers will pay $113.29; an increase of $6.62 over 2016.This represents a 6.21% increase in the residential tax rate from the previous year.

Staff and Council will continue to consider a 5% dedicated capital levy being added to the operating levy each year. This will increase discretionary reserve levels and will be a starting point to a strategic path to increase reserves in order to maintain Township infrastructure and service levels. However, other recommendations must be considered in combination with a 5% dedicated capital reserve contribution being added to reserves, as this will not be enough to fund the Township’s forecasted capital needs over the next 10 years and into the future.

More input will be required through public consultations in order to seek public input on service levels.


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